Transmedia Architecture
This website showcases the work in progress on the Miga's Secret project. Miga’s Secret is an illustrated an animated nursery rhyme, accessible through a set of seven concertina picture books and an interactive mobile application. The idea and project is initiated by Art Director and Motion Designer Monika Rohner.
Storytelling, Animation, Picture-book, Transmedia, Interaction, Interactive game elements, Nursery-Rhyme, Childern, Design, Illustration, Magpie, One for sorrow, Work in Progress, Project Development, Portfolio
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Transmedia Architecture

Transmedia Architecture

I took part in a two days workshop by Focal and Transmedia Projects from Pro Helvetia.Besides meeting interesting people, I got loads of inspiration and constructive as well as positive feedback from the mentors taking part in the workshop. Thanks to all the mentors that were so kind to share their experience and knowledge: Inga von Staden, Nuno Bernardo, Andreas Veiel, Felix Mertikat, Gaël Seydoux and Jacqueline Sucharat.

After the workshop I went back home and started to overthink the concept and clean up the structure. It’s going to be great! :))

My learnings:

I need to take care with the target-group. As the picture-book is aimed for the very young children I need to convince their parents, grand parents and other grownups who would buy the book.

To convince the parents some extra features are needed:
– The parents need some little text that helps them to tell the story to the kids, this could be the magpie’s point of view for example.
– Something like an option to save a playlist for the loops.
– Or a feature where the kid learns the numbers from 1-7.
– As well it’s always good to have a decent moral at the end of the book.

The storytelling needs some improvement: Even though the scenes are not really connected it would be great to have one character who leads through the story. And it would be great to have a positive moral in the end like “Magpies are actually not mean but quite clever.” 🙂

The app and the book need to stay interesting without each other. So think about what can I do with the book if I don’t have a mobile device at hand. And what can I do with the app when the book is somewhere else? Can I still access the loops? What else?

I loved Felix Mertikat’s suggestion to create 7 “loop-books” instead of one picture book that does not really communicate the loops. First I thought it was a strange idea, but after thinking about this for a while I really really love it. I can use the stills from the loops for book pages and people can buy one single loop-book at once and if they love it get another one. This concept is like analogue “in-app-purchases” 🙂

Another interesting input was about merchandising. To earn money to finance all the hustle I better think about additional merchandising. I definitely don’t feel like Lillyfee but there must be some stuff that is interesting but little bit less pushy, right?!