Five for Freedom
This website showcases the work in progress on the Miga's Secret project. Miga’s Secret is an illustrated an animated nursery rhyme, accessible through a set of seven concertina picture books and an interactive mobile application. The idea and project is initiated by Art Director and Motion Designer Monika Rohner.
Storytelling, Animation, Picture-book, Transmedia, Interaction, Interactive game elements, Nursery-Rhyme, Childern, Design, Illustration, Magpie, One for sorrow, Work in Progress, Project Development, Portfolio
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Five for Freedom

<p”>In “Five for Freedom” Miga gets trapped and she will find out how she can free herself.

Miga and her friends are enjoying a light blue sky with puffy clouds over a hilly landscape. On one hill Miga spots a group of animals. On a closer look she can see that those animals look rather trapped on the tight hill. Miga sees a glittery object between the animals: A little mirror belonging to a birdcage in the giraffe’s mouth. She flies towards the birdcage, sits down in front of the mirror and at thevery same moment the sneaky cat closes the cage’s door. Miga starts to dance in front of the mirror and transforms into a ballerina performing her pirouettes. The reflection of the dancer in the mirror transforms into a magpie again. Miga finds back to freedom on the other side of the mirror. Now she can again enjoy the light blue sky with her friends. ∞


See above some styleframes and character designs which define look and feel of the scene as well as animatic and a movie with the loop book mock-up.