No Particular Order: Thoughts on non-linear storytelling
This website showcases the work in progress on the Miga's Secret project. Miga’s Secret is an illustrated an animated nursery rhyme, accessible through a set of seven concertina picture books and an interactive mobile application. The idea and project is initiated by Art Director and Motion Designer Monika Rohner.
Storytelling, Animation, Picture-book, Transmedia, Interaction, Interactive game elements, Nursery-Rhyme, Childern, Design, Illustration, Magpie, One for sorrow, Work in Progress, Project Development, Portfolio
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No Particular Order: Thoughts on non-linear storytelling

No Particular Order: Thoughts on non-linear storytelling

“Audiences today want to be challenged and have never been more willing to try something new.”

A nice guest post on Motionographer penned by Sean Pruen, a multi-disciplinary director who recently joined UNIT9 as Experiential Creative Director. For over ten years, he has worked on a diverse spectrum of film, motion, interactive and physical installation projects.

Link to his post:


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