One for Sorrow
This website showcases the work in progress on the Miga's Secret project. Miga’s Secret is an illustrated an animated nursery rhyme, accessible through a set of seven concertina picture books and an interactive mobile application. The idea and project is initiated by Art Director and Motion Designer Monika Rohner.
Storytelling, Animation, Picture-book, Transmedia, Interaction, Interactive game elements, Nursery-Rhyme, Childern, Design, Illustration, Magpie, One for sorrow, Work in Progress, Project Development, Portfolio
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One for Sorrow

“One for sorrow” is, as it’s title indicates, a sad scene. It takes place on a small planet and features two friends who can’t get together.

A boy is walking along a river. Miga follows this boy and marvels at the strange hat he’s wearing. It’s a snow dome. Form a little distance Miga can see that the boy’s walking around a little planet. As soon as he reaches the lower side of the planet, the snowstorm inside the snow dome stops and the snowflakes accumulate in the “sky” of the dome. Getting closer we see that there’s a girl sitting on the ground of the snowdome. She’s frozen up in an ice crystal as long as it snows in the dome. Each time when the boy reaches the lower side of his planet, the ice in the dome melts and the girl’s tears start running down her cheeks. She’s crying a river of tears and some of the tears are as nice a gem stones. Miga collects the gemstones and while she’s flying off this sad place we can see that further down the river  the boy is walking along this river of tears. ∞



The storyboard above shows the basic draft of the loop. In the movie with the loop book mock-up you get a more detailed idea. The used images are storyboard sketches and don’t show the final look.
This first story is sad, but it’s very important as Miga is discovering the seven gemstones that will play a part in all the seven stories.